The Upside of Atlanta

I started “extreme couponing” right after Luke was born-Spring of 2008.  There wasn’t too many people doing it yet-well that I knew of.  But it quickly caught on in the Charleston area.  Within 6 months of starting to coupon, I started seeing ladies at the grocery store with their “coupon trapper keepers” everywhere.

By the time we moved, I would have to make sure I was at the drugstores on Sunday  and Publix first thing Wednesday morning (neither of them I ever did, though) to ensure I grabbed all the deals that I had prepared for.  If not, it felt like a waste of time.  I would plan my entire menu, make my grocery list, and cut coupons off the weekly sales/deals only to get to the store and find a number of my deals out.

BUT here in the A-T-L  the deals are bountiful!! And I LOVE it!! I’m really not sure why.  Maybe couponing hasn’t caught on as much here??  Or maybe, Atlanta is such a huge city with so many of the same stores near by that the couponers are more widespread and not as concentrated??  I’m not sure.  I’m just grateful!

So today, the children and I set out for Rite Aid and Target to snag a few deals.  Yes, 5 days into the sale we were able to grab some deals and the shelves were full!!!

Just had to share because I did pretty well!

All this stuff from both Target and Rite Aid  for right at $13.20

2 Packs Huggies Diapers, Destin Diaper Rash Cream, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Finish Powerballs, Mouthwash, Dental Floss, Toothbrushes, 3 Pack of Gum, 2 Ibuprofn, 2 7th Generation Dish soap, Bleach, and All Purpose Cleaner.

And at Publix this week I had a great trip!  Spent: $25.49 Saved: $56.11

Luke loves to watch the numbers too!  I’ve been trying to teach him not to talk to Mommy when checking out.  I need all my attention on the register to make sure all my coupons went through.  So I’m having him focus on the numbers and watch the coupons subtract from the total.  Today at Target he said, “Wow!! Great job, Mommy!!  $18.32 to $2.81.”  Then he preceded to high five me!

I was pretty sure the gentleman dressed in his business attire behind me was getting pretty frustrated with my coupons.  But after he saw my final total he too was ALMOST as excited as Luke and asked where he could get the coupons.

Loving deal shopping in the A-T-L!


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