I often get a weird look from people if I mention Luke working on a letter that day or a little project we did.  A couple of years ago I would probably have been the one giving me the weird look!!

But when we moved, I knew I had to choose to have a good attitude for my children and my husband.  I might completely be struggling that we are here and not in Charleston but I needed to keep it to myself.  (I don’t always succeed at this.  But I try. Thankful for God’s and my husband’s grace and forgiveness.)

Part of choosing to have a good attitude was to carry life on as normal or even “better” than I did in Charleston.  I had to intentionally plan things from cleaning schedules, meals, daily schedules, grocery trips, activities, or honestly, I was afraid I would wallow in my grief and self pity all day and not accomplish anything OR my children would start driving me nuts!  🙂

Our lives changed drastically when we moved:

Not only did we have an entirely new area to get used to but a complete loss of support.  Luke used to spend the day with Grammy a couple times a month.  We had bible study we’d attend on Tuesdays.  Playgroups or friends we’d meet for lunch or a morning play date.  We didn’t use babysitters much but now we had no one we could call. But most of all Mike’s job changed drastically.

Mike used to be the only person at his place in Charleston and with that came lots of flexibility.  He ate breakfast with us and came home for lunch most days.  I could call him whenever I wanted.  Most of the time we’d chat a couple of times a day for 30-45 minutes.  Also, we only lived a couple of minutes from his work so if I needed him, he could run home for a few minutes.

(I know how blessed we were with that job and know its not typical.  But that was what I was used to.)

Now, Mike leaves the house way before breakfast and doesn’t get home till right at dinner.  He works 20 minutes from work so no more running home for lunches or to help me with something quickly.  His job keeps him really busy all day so long phone calls no longer exist.  He calls me for a quick few minutes in the morning to check in and occassionally at lunch.

I’m saying all this NOT to complain.  I consider “it pure joy.” (James 1:2)  Just to accurately convey where I am coming for 2 reasons

  • So ya’ll won’t make fun of me! Haha!! Its okay to think I’m crazy or laugh at me.  I know sometimes I’m a little over the top. 🙂  I get it honestly.  Have you met my Dad??  (Love you, Father!!!)
  • Mostly though, I know my friends will read this blog from time to time, and I know we as ladies have a habit of comparing ourselves to one another.  I NEVER want anyone to compare themselves to me and feel guilty because I am doing something they aren’t.  This is just what works for us right now.  Everyone’s family is different and their circumstances are unique.  What works for me is probably not going to work for you.  And honestly, what works for us now might not work next week. (That’s how it goes with young children.) Hopefully, it’ll keep you updated on us and maybe even encourage you.  But please, just know this is what works for us!!  It’s not suppose to work for you.  God made us all unique and has each of us in different seasons of lives.

Now that I’ve said all that….:)

The reason I chose “school activities” to plan is because that is what my son loves!!  He loves to learn.  Some boys like to play with cars or dinosaurs.  Luke loves to play with numbers and letters. I mean, for his 2 1/2 birthday  he asked for a number and letters party?!?!  Haha.  Who does that??? He has a zeal for learning.  Yes, its pretty nerdy.  But that’s our LB and we LOVE  him so very much!!!

This is the basic plan we follow:

We focus on one letter each week and have a monthly “theme.” I use the letters to incorporate into our daily activities.

Mondays-Letter craft for ABC book and Letter Memory Verse

Tuesdays-Writing (Make letters in Sand, grits, pudding, shaving cream, etc) or Make and Write Cards

Wednesdays-We usually take this day off.  This is the day I like to grocery shop.  We used to go to the library but Luke got bored with his class so we don’t really go anymore.

Thursdays-Math/Science (We’ve done measuring with gingerbread cutouts, made animal habitats, etc.)

Friday: Fun Craft/Activity (Cook, craft,memory verse musical squares)

I don’t think I’ve ever followed this plan exactly.  I just use this as a guide.

Here are some of the activities we’ve done this far:

An ABC book with the corresponding memory verse for the week.  “H” is for handprint.

Paint a Pumpkin (Sorry for all the shadows!)

Everyday make an ornament for our Jesse Tree

Making Letters in Jello.  (Don’t recommend this!!)

What does Elle do??  I used to lay her down for her morning nap and then start Luke’s activities.  But just this week I realized she was almost 1o months!!!  When Luke was that age we were playing puzzles, flash cards, building blocks, etc.  She still seems like my baby and not ready for any of that.  But she is!!! So just this week I’ve started keeping her with us for 15 -30 minutes.

She plays with letters and objects for our weekly/monthly theme.  I’ll go through and talk to her about the items.  And Luke always adds his 2 cents. 🙂

Then she’ll play with puzzles or cards.

So there you have it….the why and how behind our “school.”


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3 Responses to “School”

  1. Annie Overman says:

    Ha ha, so I guess I should have read these in order! Like it or not, I am inspired by your creativity. I do love your explanation though! You must be a woman, bc you know us so well– always comparing ourselves to others and not measuring up!

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