Its been almost 6 months since we’ve been here!  Craziness.  But what is even more crazy is the changes in my children since we have moved here.

Elle started solids when we first moved here.

Now she is eating finger foods.

She wasn’t even sitting up when we moved here since she was only 4 months.  She sat up for the first time Thanksgiving Day at Grammy and Granddad’s and now she is crawling everywhere!!  She army crawls.  It’s pretty hilarious.

She has started saying “Da Da” and “Ma Ma” too.  The other day during her nap she didn’t want to sleep but just play.  She babbled “Ma Ma” the entire 2 hours and only stopped when I would come into her room to talk to her.

Luke gets smarter and smarter everyday.  If that is possible?? When we first moved, he was reading children’s books.  Now he is picking up our books and reading them to us!!  Seriously, I wonder where he came from?? 🙂

He had no signs of using the potty when we moved but decided right after his 3rd birthday he was ready.  He has been going like a champ ever since!!

Last week, I decided to walk with the children to Subway.  We’ve never been to this Subway.  Luke said, “Oh, are we going to Subway 300?”  “Luke, I don’t know what you are talking about.”  When we got to Subway I noticed the address was 300!  So, I told Mike when he got home that night.  We started quizzing him on address numbers in our area.  He knew almost every single one!!  We were baffled!  He also knows every song on all 20 something cds he has.  It’s incredible!

God has entrusted us with one special gift.  We are daily praying he guides us and gives us direction so Luke’s gifts can be used to glorify Him, and he can reach the full potential God has placed within him.

Luke is starting to enjoy Elle now that she can play with him.  This is a picture of them the other night on a walk.

They held hands the whole way.  Loved it!!  Especially, since Luke has rarely wanted anything to do with Elle.

The weather has been beautiful here so we’ve enjoyed:

Picnics on our deck.


Lots of walks, playing outdoors, and going to the park.

Here are recent pictures of Luke and Elle.

Luke on Valentine’s Day.  I made heart shaped Pancakes for breakfast.  Gave them Valentine’s.  Elle ate the candies I had GLUED to the Valentine’s within a minute!!!  Luke and I made strawberry cupcakes.  Daddy surprised us and brought us all home little Valentine’s gifts.

Elle loves being big enough to ride beside her brother in the cart at Publix, and Luke loves waving his free cookie at her. 🙂

Love eating breakfast with these two!!

More random pictures:

Hope to post a video of Elle’s hilarious army crawl soon.  And a peek into our daily “school” activities:


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One Response to Growing…

  1. Annie Overman says:

    Wow, Luke really does have a special gift for numbers. He’s going to be a mathematical genius!

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